Rule 1: Never write something today, that you could always write tomorrow.

Rule 2: Why write, when you can read about writing.

Rule 3: Spend hours on the internet, reading blogs about how someone else wrote a novel.

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On Submitting to Agents

Hello everyone, Thanks so much for joining me last year as I chronologued the journey of finishing and getting my book, Ghosts of Mars, ready for sending to agents, with my wonderful mentor, Emma Read. I finally did this on the 8th March, 2021. I sent it out to the agents in the UK whoContinue reading “On Submitting to Agents”


Choose to become a writer. Choose head smashing on the keyboard over and over and over. Choose to edit that first chapter 64 times, and the last chapter once. Choose to drink 14 cups of tea. Choose to do ALL of the chores before you could possibly write. Choose a massive fucking television with allContinue reading “Choose”

Diary Entry 3: Getting Tough

Okay, so it’s been very polite and nice so far…but we’ve reached the stage in the relationship where the mentor needs to be tougher on the mentee and be honest, because some stuff just isn’t working…and if it’s not said, I know I won’t make those tough changes on my own! In case you’re notContinue reading “Diary Entry 3: Getting Tough”

Diary Entry 2: Be Brutal, No Massaging! (June/July 2020)

Last time we discussed the start of my novel development relationship with Emma, and how we’re working together to finally get my Force together, finish this novel and enter publishing immortality… Or receive 50 rejections, enter a pit of despair and refuse to write anything for another 2 years… And so, after that initial exchangeContinue reading “Diary Entry 2: Be Brutal, No Massaging! (June/July 2020)”

Diary of a Work-in-Progress

With consent from Emma, who is mentoring me on my novel, I’m going to chronologue our discussions and decisions and ideas and edits as I move forward with this novel, from now until publication…(jeez, that’s a ballsy thing to say!) I was reading The Writers Tale recently – by Russell T Davies (screenwriter and showrunnerContinue reading “Diary of a Work-in-Progress”

Time Away

It’s sage advice: Step away from the manuscript. Put it in a drawer. Take a break and work on something new. It allows you to come back to the manuscript with ‘fresh eyes’. But what if you take too long away from the manuscript? What if you forget to come back? Or which drawer youContinue reading “Time Away”

Deleted scenes

I’ve been away… In a galaxy, far, far away…on a planet called Sleepless. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you’ll have missed the birth of my wee baby boy a couple of weeks ago. 🎉 Since then, obviously my mind has been consumed with that, and also our WriteMentor agent showcase work, which isContinue reading “Deleted scenes”

Imposter Syndrome

‘No, you are riddled with self-doubt! I am fully confident in my abilities and I know I am a great writer and everything I type is flecked with gold…’ Said no writer ever! Oh yes, today I am going to explore the naturally occurring phenomenon that ALL writers suffer from, from noob to seasoned pro.Continue reading “Imposter Syndrome”

All or nothing

Many of us have those spells where we write for days on end and it’s all going amazing, right? The words flow and the feeling is good. ‘OMG, this story is amazing – I can’t wait to send this out – I’ve made a Pinterest mood board with all my main characters being played byContinue reading “All or nothing”

Our Deepest Fear

If you want to be a writer, write! Weekly word count: -1370 Funny how you can spend time on your manuscript and deliver a negative weekly word count. Does that ever happen to you? I’ve spent about 14 hours (according the time my document has been open this week – word does this for you,Continue reading “Our Deepest Fear”


Every great book requires an epic prologue. In fact, most industry insiders agree that you basically can’t sell a novel these days unless it has an irrelevant, multi-page, multi-character prologue, which does not feature any of the characters in the actual story that follows. It’s all about setting the scenes, dropping in all that world-buildingContinue reading “Prologue”

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