Deleted scenes

I’ve been away…

In a galaxy, far, far away…on a planet called Sleepless.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you’ll have missed the birth of my wee baby boy a couple of weeks ago. 🎉

Since then, obviously my mind has been consumed with that, and also our WriteMentor agent showcase work, which is basically a full-time job for a week.

However, that is done, and now it’s time to turn my focus back to my own writing.

One of my favourite parts of movies is getting the special edition and seeing ‘deleted scenes’. They are just a magical extra, aren’t they? Often they don’t make the final cut due to budget or running time, and I always have a longing for ‘what if’ it was included.

A wonderful example is the one below from Return of the Jedi:

Luke constructs a new lightsaber, his first from scratch (he inherited his father’s old one initially), using a green kyber crystal.

In the final cut, Luke simply pulls out this new, green lightsaber in Jabba’s Palace and we get no insight into where it came from. For an uber fan, this was something that always bugged me.

As novelists, we never get this opportunity. Of course, we get a longer ‘running time’ and so there is perhaps much less need.

But just imagine how wonderful it would be to get to read all the cut or edited scenes from our favourite books and authors?

You might argue that books are edited so well that these scenes were cut for a reason, etc etc, but we all know as writers that feeling of having a wonderful scene, a cool scene or just an important scene in terms of what comes later, a lovely set-up, but that you eventually HAVE to cut.

I just remember reading so may author interviews and autobiographies that mention such scenes or characters that are cut from books, and I’d love a deleted scenes, special edition of some of my favourite books.

I read a book called ‘The Book of Lost Tales’ which was edited by Christopher Tolkien, and was essentially a series of short snippets of tales within the Tolkien Middle-Earth universe, featuring characters in the main stories, but scenes that never made the final cut.

It was wonderful!

It was also clear why it had maybe not been included or cut from the final, published books, but regardless, as a fan, I loved seeing more of this.

One good piece of advice I once received was to have a deleted scenes file for every book you write, just in case it can be reused in a different situation or later on.

Which book would you love see that ‘deleted scenes’ file from?

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