The Importance of Writing Friends

…who are weird, like you!

Honestly, THIS is the most important thing to make sure you have if you are going to survive the journey through the Underworld of writing!

We are evolved to be social beings. I am hugely introverted, and I could survive as a lonely, old hermit…I don’t need people to survive.

But I need them to live.

The writing life, which I endured on an almost Solo basis for about 4/5 years, it tough. You have no sense of anything outwith your own circumference. No connection to the wider writing world. Nobody to speak to about your writing, or who understands the labour of writing, or the crush of rejection.

FYI: I wrote a blog on the WriteMentor website about The Dark Side of Being a Writer, and trapping through the desert on your own can feel dark and lonely…

So, why are writing friends SO important?

Simply put, they help you through the dark days and elevate you on the light ones.

The bad days are slightly better, the good days are even greater.

When you have a total crisis of confidence, who is there to calm you and fix your hyper-drive?

Your writing friends.

What all seems lost, and you ask what is the point of even writing this stupid book because it will only get rejected and I’ll have wasted a year of my life…who lifts you up like C3PO with the Ewoks?

Your writing friends.

When you finally get that one full request, or make that longlist, who makes you march through the hall fulls of thousands of rebels and get a medal from Princess Leia?

Your writing friends.

When you just don’t feel you’re good enough, and that your work will ever make it, then who takes time out of their day to look up books just like yours and suggest you read them, and totally elevates your confidence so high, you feel like you can take on the whole Empire, all by yourself?

Your writing friends.

And when you suddenly realise, you don’t have to carry the whole burden of your writing, solely upon your own shoulders and you can accept a little help, who jumps forward and volunteers to share that load?

Your writing friends.

If you don’t have a group, find some. I promise, if you’re open and receptive to chatting to other writers on Twitter, or on courses, or any opportunity you get, then you’ll meet like-minded people, who will help you in both the best of times, and in the worst of times.

May the Force be with you!


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