Perseverance: Writing and Rovers

The seven minutes of terror. Yes, that’s right, the seven minutes after you send a query off to agent, where you check the sent email and scour the sentences, determined to find the inevitable typo or misspelling of the agent’s name. The seven minutes before you hit send where you read and read again, andContinue reading “Perseverance: Writing and Rovers”

The Importance of Writing Friends

…who are weird, like you! Honestly, THIS is the most important thing to make sure you have if you are going to survive the journey through the Underworld of writing! We are evolved to be social beings. I am hugely introverted, and I could survive as a lonely, old hermit…I don’t need people to survive.Continue reading “The Importance of Writing Friends”

Diary Entry 3: Getting Tough

Okay, so it’s been very polite and nice so far…but we’ve reached the stage in the relationship where the mentor needs to be tougher on the mentee and be honest, because some stuff just isn’t working…and if it’s not said, I know I won’t make those tough changes on my own! In case you’re notContinue reading “Diary Entry 3: Getting Tough”

Diary Entry 2: Be Brutal, No Massaging! (June/July 2020)

Last time we discussed the start of my novel development relationship with Emma, and how we’re working together to finally get my Force together, finish this novel and enter publishing immortality… Or receive 50 rejections, enter a pit of despair and refuse to write anything for another 2 years… And so, after that initial exchangeContinue reading “Diary Entry 2: Be Brutal, No Massaging! (June/July 2020)”

Diary of a Work-in-Progress

With consent from Emma, who is mentoring me on my novel, I’m going to chronologue our discussions and decisions and ideas and edits as I move forward with this novel, from now until publication…(jeez, that’s a ballsy thing to say!) I was reading The Writers Tale recently – by Russell T Davies (screenwriter and showrunnerContinue reading “Diary of a Work-in-Progress”